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Animal Portraits

Animal Portraits

Animal Portraits


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Course Work

Course Work


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About Me

I am a BA(Hons) Fine Art located in Wirral, Merseyside. I've studied art for over 5 years and achieved my qualifications.


I went on to complete an AS/ A level in Fine art as a mature student at night school. I have now received a BA (hons) degree in Fine Art at Wirral Met College. You will find my work in various gallery shows that Wirral Met arrange.

What I Paint

Cityscapes, Landscapes, Coastlines, Sporting Heroes, Life & Figure, Pets on comission.


I am fortunate where I live as I’m not short of inspiration. I like to capture and paint my local area including Liverpool city centre and dock areas. I really like painting the old buildings. There is also a stunning coastline here. As you can imagine, I also paint the surrounding Wirral coastline.


I will be updating weekly showcasing my work and sharing helpful tips like where I buy my products from.  I am currently studying fine art so I will share the things I am learning.  This site will be used to promote my work but i’d also like to make this into a community for other budding artist to come and share ideas.

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I am selling my original work. You can buy my work from my eBay page.



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